Assistance to Fair and Event Organizers

With an experienced and internationally recognized team, NewEvents makes available its knowledge in management and marketing of Fairs and events to organizers who intend to increase their fairs not only from the point of view of maximizing results, but also in the development of new projects and profitability current ones.

NewEvents is the ideal partner to help optimize fairs and events, as well as to promote your international organization in constant search of new business opportunities.

  • Strategic consultancy in fair organization

  • PEOF - Strategic Program for the Organization of Fairs

  • Development and creation of New Exhibitions

  • Consulting in organizing Events in the MI “Meeting Industry” area

  • Budget and supplier management consultancy

  • Research and negotiation with potential Fair organizers

  • Show Development and Project Manangement

  • Consulting in Operations, Production and Logistics for Fairs and Events

  • Exhibition SWOT Analysis

  • Site Inspection and Selection

  • Implementation of training programs for marketing and commercial teams

  • Conducting S urveys and Statistical Analysis of Exhibitors and Visitors

  • Event Clipping

  • Communication , Marketing and Press Advisory

  • Development and implementation of media plans to promote events

  • Control and monitoring of contracted means

  • Management and Development of “Hosted Buyers” programs

  • E-Marketing Campaigns

  • Development of Trade Show Internationalization Programs

  • Technical assistance in the construction / expansion / renovation of new and current Fair parks

  • Crisis and Security Management at Events

  • Venue Development

Business Advisory

Fairs and events are powerful tools that companies have at their disposal to promote services and products in the market, boosting contacts, obtaining new customers and retaining current ones.

However, the success of participating in a fair is dependent on correct planning and the implementation of an effective Program for Participating in Fairs (PPF).

NewEvents Global works on an O2O basis with its client, jointly developing the strategy, setting objectives, advising the company in the entire organizational, promotional and logistical process, designing the most effective space to attract its customers, training its employees to making effective contacts and implementing a follow-up strategy in order to transform contacts into sales. Finally, we evaluate the return on investment (ROI).

We are a strategic partner before, during and after the fair, in order to maximize your participation in a fair, ensuring the achievement of the desired results, whether nationally or internationally.

  • Exhibiting Diagnostics

  • Selection and management of participation in international fairs

  • Preparation and organization of the company for participation in national or international fairs

  • Selection and Management with Fair organizers

  • Implementation of PPF - Program of Participation in Fairs - "Turnkey" (Before, During and Post-Fair)

  • Organization of Events , Corporate and Business, Conferences and Workshops. Development and Creation of Participation Programs in Fairs at national and international level

  • Market Studies and product implantation in foreign markets

  • Human Resources Training in the commercial, marketing and communication areas

  • Organization, development and implementation of means in order to maximize your participation in Fairs at national and international level

  • Logistical assistance for participation in fairs abroad

  • Construction Solutions and Stand Design

  • Graphic Design and development of Communication and Marketing plans

  • Customer Service Program

  • Preparation and guidance of the company Before, During and Post-Fair

  • Results Evaluation, ROI Measurement (ROI Methodology)

  • Selection of destinations and advice on the organization of international events

  • Consulting in Commercial management, Marketing and Communication

  • Post-trade follow-up strategy

  • Assistance in promoting the Company

  • Competitive Intelligence Strategy and Mystery Customers

International Business Development

With vast knowledge in internationalization strategies at a global level, NewEvents Consulting assumes itself as International Business Development advising companies with internationalization projects.

NewEvents Consulting supports companies in their development and strategic planning for internationalization, offering a global and integrated service based on the use of strategic concepts of marketing and communication, promoting and effectively organizing participation in fairs and events.

NewEvents Consulting has developed a network with the best international consultants, which allows it to have local and real knowledge of the markets where it is necessary to operate, thus being able to effectively streamline any internationalization project at a global level.

International Business Development Services

  • Internationalization projects

  • Strategic plans

  • Prospection and market research

  • Market positioning

  • Participation in international business fairs

  • Business development

  • Organization of agenda and management of meetings

  • Network management, networking

  • Facilitators , opinion maker's, negotiation

Tips for a Successful Internationalization Process

"Before deciding to export or internationalize, get to know the market first."

We all know that today the National goal is “Export! Export!" However, given the diversity of foreign markets, it is not enough to have a good product or service or acquire a market study, it is essential to be prudent and:

  • Understand the country's culture and consumption habits

  • Meet people, potential, business and entry strategies

  • Develop trust capital, acquire adequate knowledge and information about potential business partners

In reality it is necessary to “see with our eyes”, to experience the needs of the market and its activity and this is only possible if we do it in person.

Discover our “Step By Step Program” and “Taylor Made” prospecting visits



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